Prof.Dr. Labib Salem

Prof. Labib is one of the scientific pioneers at Tanta University.


Dr/ Mona zidan

I am Mona Zidan, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Immunology Program at Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357
My journey started in 2012, when I graduated from the Faculty of Science, Tanta University, I have joined the Center of Excellence in Cancer Research as a Research Assistant at the Flow Cytometry Unit under the supervision of Prof. Salem who has been always acting as a mentor rather than being a manager! He taught me a lot in the field of Immunology, he has the greatest impact on my career path and he was always potentiating me to put my heart in whatever I do. He was always supporting me by putting me on the right paths. Currently I am working in a very prestigious institution thanks to his guidance and ultimate support. God bless you my mentor