About the EACR

The idea of ​​establishing the Egyptian Association for Cancer Research stemmed in order to be a gathering of all researchers and those interested in the field of cancer research in Egypt. It is a non-profit, non-profit scientific association that aims to assist researchers by holding workshops, seminars and conferences, and assisting young researchers in writing research and applying for grants and projects in addition to educating civil society about the importance of scientific research in the field of cancer research in order to keep pace with scientific research in Egypt with its global counterparts. Providing the Egyptian community with simplified periodical booklets, the association with new research in the field of cancer to educate young generations about cancer, and the delivery of Egyptian research to the world by issuing a scientific journal publication to publish new research in the field of cancer, so we invite all researchers and those interested in cancer research in Egypt to join To the association to participate in the association’s activities such as conferences and workshops and publishing in the scientific journal, so that the association would serve as a link for them in the world in order to raise the level of Egypt scientifically and to join the global scientific movement in this important field.


The association aims to reach the locomotive of scientific research in general and cancer research, especially in Egypt, to the position it must reach to keep pace with the changes that occur globally in the field of scientific research by creating an integrated societal and scientific environment for excellence in cancer research.

EACR message

Making the culture of scientific research in the field of cancer research a priority of research and a pillar of scientific thought in society, and creating a distinct scientific environment for young researchers in the field of scientific research in general and cancer research in particular by communicating with leading researchers in Egypt and the world.

EACR Chairman.

The idea behind establishing EACR

The idea of ​​establishing the Egyptian Association for Cancer Research arose in my mind during my attendance at the annual conference of the American Federation for Cancer Research, and then crystallized in my mind during the activities of the first conference of the Middle Eastern Union for Cancer Research, which I honored to chair in 2011 so that there is a peculiarity for Egypt in this field and as a chairman of the board of directors of this association I hope That cancer research in Egypt be directed to serve the patient at the level of diagnosis and treatment, especially since this disease has become a national and societal burden as a result of its spread in recent years. I also hope the association will be a key to communication between doctors, researchers, society, and pharmaceutical companies locally and internationally so that we can establish a national network of researchers and beneficiaries of the field Cancer research. I also hope that the association, with its scientific competencies and researchers with experience in this field, will be a beacon for young researchers through which they can fulfill their scientific desires in this important field. I hope as researchers to find effective treatments to eliminate this malignant disease.

Chairman & Founder of EACR

EACR Journals

1- Journal of the Egyptian Association for Cancer Research https://www.ejmanager.com/my/authors/

2- A scientific periodical for publishing scientific research entitled
(Archives of Biomedical Research) (ABR)
To publish the new in cancer research, it will be a court of scientifically specialized researchers and it will be published on a website through the association.

EACR 's goals

The association’s goals focus on the most important axes:
1- At the level of training
It includes holding workshops and seminars on how to conduct scientific research in general and cancer research in particular, writing and publishing scientific research and writing scientific projects.

Training on developing scientific thinking skills, as well as developing individual skills related to scientific research, with great interest in young researchers and students (undergraduate and elementary students).

2- At the publishing level
It includes the publication of a monthly scientific journal to publish scientific research in the field of biomedical research in general and cancer in particular

Issuing a monthly newsletter for scientific and social news on cancer research.

Translating internationally published booklets on the definition of cancer and its research.

Author brochures to simplify cancer information

Publishing electronic presentations on various topics related to cancer.

3- At the level of scientific research
This includes agreements with research entities to train students and researchers interested in the field of cancer through cooperation agreements and protocols.

Allocating a prize for the best scientific research in the field of cancer research in Egypt, which was published in an internationally refereed scientific journal.

Covering all conferences and seminars at the level of Egypt and the world.

Training researchers in the field of cancer research to join research projects.

Helping researchers to obtain external grants.

4- At the community level
Make statistics about cancer and how to deal with it.

Presenting the results of the latest cancer research to interested civil society.

Participate in organizing medical convoys.

5- At the level of conferences
Organizing an annual conference for the association in various universities.

Assisting in supporting and conducting conferences on cancer research in Egypt.

6- At the level of international cooperation
Helping researchers to communicate with scholars in foreign countries.

Helping young researchers to obtain membership in international scientific societies with discounts.

Inviting distinguished researchers from countries of the world to give lectures in Egypt.


Association membership

Those wishing to join the association can subscribe by filling out the subscription form on the association’s website and paying 100 pounds for the annual subscription to the association’s membership and obtaining the benefits provided to members.





Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt.