Prof. Labib
as a Consultant

Prof. Labib Salem is one of the most important 2% of the world's scientists in Immunology and Cancer Biology.

Prof. Labib is prof. of Immunology at faculty of science. He is one of national and international leaders and experts in Immunology & Cancer Biology with a wide school of juniors & seniors researchers.

We Provide Professional Consults


Scientific Writing Consult​

Because of the mentality and experience of Dr. Muhammad Labib in the field of scientific research, he can provide perfect scientific writing strategies to help researchers specially who applied for master or PhD Degrees.

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Scientific Revision

Dr. Labib Salem’s experience has an effective role in submitting research papers without any mistakes as students are assisted in reviewing their research papers and correctly submitting them without errors.

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Idea Formulation Consult

The importance of formulating the idea is determining the sequence of the research, and through the instructions of Dr. Mohamed Labib, students will be taught ways to formulate ideas and help them identify research problems.

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Project Writing Consult

Writing research papers is done in detail, through which the scientific researcher’s writing skills are evaluated, so the students of Dr. Mohamed Labib Salem Academy will learn how to write research and scientific projects in a way that shows their strong knowledge.

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Paper submission

Therefore, Dr. Muhammad Labib Salem will guide his students and suggest to them the best methods and platforms for presenting their scientific research in order to make a strong impact among the millions of scientific research submitted.

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Lab Assistance Consult

It will be one of the responsibilities of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Labib Salem, to help students and researchers during laboratory experiments, as he has in-depth experience with laboratory techniques and equipment, providing students with the best methods.

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What Our Student Saying

I got my PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Labib Salem And I contributed to the establishment of cancer research centers at the teaching hospital Tanta University, and I also worked at the Gene Imprinting Cancer Center at Tanta University, as well as the Center of Excellence.


Enas Abdel Raouf
Assistant Lecturer at the College of Science

My graduation project was completed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Labib Salem, who helped me focus and organize my thoughts on the field of cancer , When the Center of Excellence was established under the leadership of Dr. Muhammad Labib.

Mona Zydan
Senior Research associates at 57357

On a personal level, I learned a lot about communication skills and gained the spirit of working within a team, As For me, the Center of Excellence under the supervision of Professor Dr. Muhammad Labib Salem, is one of the well-established and integrated schools in the field of scientific research, and I hope it will expand to include all parts of the Arab world.

Asmaa Hosni
PhD in Immunology and Biotechnology

Dr. Muhammad Labib , during work and scientific research, did not spare us any information and helped us with the utmost effort to learn all the new scientific methods. For me, my master dealt with some research related to the fields of Flow Cytometry and Cell Cycle.

Asmaa Elgamal
Master Holder

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