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Professor Labib
as a Consultant

Prof. Labib Salem is one of the most important 2% of the world's scientists in immunology and cancer biology.

Prof. Labib is a Prof of Immunology at faculty of science,Tanta University He is one of national and international leaders and experts in Immunology & Cancer Biology with a wide school of juniors & seniors researchers.


Prof. Labib as a Scientist

Prof. Labib is the Chair of the National Council for Scientific Culture and Knowledge, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt.

Prof. Labib is the Professor of Immunology at Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Egypt and Ex-Professor at Hollings Cancer Center and Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Medical University of South Carolina, USA from 2001-2010. He is the Founder and Director of the Center of Excellence in Cancer Research, Tanta University, Egypt, Founder, and Chairman of the Egyptian Association for Cancer Research. He is among the founding members of the Middle Eastern Association for Cancer Research, Canada. Dr. Salem is also the Supervisor of Delta Research Development Center, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt; Ex-Director of the Grant, Innovation & Technology Transfer Center, Tanta University. Dr. Salem is a member of the Board of Directors, Zewail City for Science and Technology (2020), a member of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Member of the National Supervision Committee on New Community Universities, Egypt. He is Scientific Advisor to Galala University, EVA Pharm, and to Regional Development Research Center, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

Dr. Salem won Obada Int. Prize 2021, Khalifa Prize for Distinguished Scientists in Arab Countries 2021; he has been listed in the global top 2% scientists according to 2020’s Stanford University ranking. He awarded Tanta University Award for the best Scientific achievement, Medal of Science and Arts of the first class, from President of Egypt, 2019, State Esteemed Award in Basic Sciences (2018), State Excellence Award in Basic Sciences (2009) and State Encouraging Award in Biology (2003) from Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt. He also won Tanta University Esteemed Award, Tanta University, Egypt (2015) and Tanta University Award for Distinguished Scientific Achievement (2021).

Dr. Salem obtained his BSc in Science (Zoology) in 1984, his MSc in 1989 (Zoology, Comparative Anatomy) and PhD (Zoology, Immunology) in 1995  from Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Egypt. He worked as Instructor at Faculty of Science, Tanta University from 1984-1989, Asst. Lecturer from 1989-1992; Lecturer from 1996-2001, Asst. Prof. from 2001-2006, and Prof. from 2006-till now. He visited Japan for his PhD study (1992-1995) and sabbatical leave to Japan (1997-2001), USA (2001-2010).

Dr. Salem h-index is 35, published more than 170 articles, and attended more than 150 national and int. conferences; supervised more than 90 MSc and Ph.D. theses and invited to give more than 140 invited talks. He is member of the National Committee for Professorship Promotion, National Committee for the Biological Sciences, National Committee for Scientific Research Strategies, National Committee for Basic Sciences Sector, Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities, and Council of Basic Science Sector, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt. He is also a member of several editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals as well as ad hoc reviewer for more than 80 journals.

Dr. Salem’s research focuses on deciphering the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying how cancer escapes from immune cells, as well as on developing effective anticancer immunotherapy strategies. His research is based on more than 40 projects funded by the National Institute of Health, USA, Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), Egypt, USA National Academy of Sciences, and Tanta University, Egypt.

Beside his scientific activities, Dr. Salem is a public writer and Novelist. He is a member of the Egyptian Writer Union. He published 3 Novels, 5 Short Stories, 5 Books and more than 170 articles in Science Communication; all are published in Arabic.


MLS Academy

Professor Mohamed Labib Salem Academy is one of the best training academies because it is characterized by:

▪︎ The presence of great scientific vision ▪︎ Diversity in educational methods ▪︎ Diversity in training plans Therefore, it is considered as the first choice for many students and scientific researchers. Those students will be served with a wide range of consultations, including: ▪︎ Training doctorate and the master’s students on various scientific skills ▪︎ Academic/Scientific writing of thesis, essays, projects, papers, reports, CV ▪︎ Critical Thinking and Transforming ideas into hypothesis and comprehensive scientific research ▪︎ Outstanding presentation of scientific data to public ▪︎ Basic and advanced lab Biotechnologies The main goal of this academy is to make latest knowledge available to junior researchers

“د. محمد لبيب “الأديب

د. لبيب عضو في اتحاد الكتاب مصر ومستشار علمي منظمة المجتمع العلمي العربي وعضو في هيئة التحرير والتقييم للعديد من الدوريات العلمية.  قام د. لبيب بتأليف 8 أعمال ادبية من 2014 حتى الآن عبارة عن 4 روايات وأربعة مجموعات قصصية وله أكثر من 70 مقالا في تبسيط العلوم والتي تم نشرها في العديد من المواقع والجرائد والمجلات المصرية والعربية.

كما يلقي د. لبيب محاضرات عامة في الجامعات والمدارس والجمعيات الأهلية عن الأدب والعلم وتبسيط العلوم والإعجاز العلمي في البيولوجيا عامة والجهاز المناعي خاصة. كما أن له قناة على اليوتيوب يقدم فيها محاضراته

Books & Publications


A collection of very interesting books, stories, novels that cover different subjects in scientific and literature fields.
The scientific books focus on Immunology, Cance Biology, Stem Cells, Vaccines, Immunotherapy, Critical Thinking, and academic Writing.
The Arabic books include Novels, Stories, Poems, and Thoughts, Science Communication, and Science Fiction with distinctive writing style of mixing science with arts.

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MLS Academy Students

Dr. Asmaa Shaaban Yousef Ata

Faculty of science,Tanta university. She had got Master degree on "Cancer immunology" titled in"Optimizing T-cells reactivity in vitro to enhance anti-tumor immunotherapy in vivo" as a Preclinical study under supervision of Prof.Dr. Mohamed Labib Salem Professor of Immunology Department of Zoology-Faculty of Science -Tanta University

Dr. Sherin Hamed

BSc in pharmaceutical sciences ,   Faculty of Pharmacy , Tanta University 

Dr. Rania Ebrahim EL-Adl

Bachelor of Science, Faculty of science, Tanta University, July 2008 – graduated with grade good.

Dr. Shaimaa Talat EL-Shehry

Dr. Shaimaa Talat EL-Shehry Graduated from faculty of science, tanta university.

Dr.Sohila Galal

Lecturer of Zoology

Dr Sohaila. Lecturer of Zoology, Faculty of science Tanta University. Now she is the Director of Omics Units at Center of Excellence in Cancer Research

Dr. Asmaa Elgamal

Master Holder

Dr Asmaa Elgamal Master holder in Zoology under supervision of Prof. Salem

Dr. Enas Abdulrauf

Lecturer at Bader University

Dr Enas AbdelRauf. Phd under supervision of prof Salem. Lecturer at Bader University

Dr. Shymaa Sobhy

Scientific Researcher

Shymaa Sobhy , Phd holder under supervision of prof Salem ,Scientific Researcher at Qena Oncology center, Pathology unit


What Our Student Say

I got my PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Labib Salem And I contributed to the establishment of cancer research centers at the teaching hospital Tanta University, and I also worked at the Gene Imprinting Cancer Center at Tanta University, as well as the Center of Excellence.


Enas Abdel Raouf
Assistant Lecturer at the College of Science

My graduation project was completed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Labib Salem, who helped me focus and organize my thoughts on the field of cancer , When the Center of Excellence was established under the leadership of Dr. Muhammad Labib.

Mona Zydan
Senior Research associates at 57357

On a personal level, I learned a lot about communication skills and gained the spirit of working within a team, As For me, the Center of Excellence under the supervision of Professor Dr. Muhammad Labib Salem, is one of the well-established and integrated schools in the field of scientific research, and I hope it will expand to include all parts of the Arab world.

Asmaa Hosni
PhD in Immunology and Biotechnology

Dr. Muhammad Labib , during work and scientific research, did not spare us any information and helped us with the utmost effort to learn all the new scientific methods. For me, my master dealt with some research related to the fields of Flow Cytometry and Cell Cycle.

Asmaa Elgamal
Master Holder

Our Awesome Partners

Professor Labib heads many institutions and agencies 
and participates in others to give them advice and follow-up.